The Gentleman Behind Office Furniture Outlet: Pierre Levy

Office Furniture Outlet of AtlantaPierre started his first furniture venture in London at the age of 22, going door to door & purchasing antiques, then selling to dealers. Pierre moved to the United States in 1977, settling here in Atlanta. In 1979, he met his wife, Sara, an Atlanta native. Together, Sara & Pierre opened an antique business at ADAC, which ran successfully for more than a decade.

In 1990, Pierre started a new business, taking clients on antiquing tours throughout England. Ultimately it would prove so successful that he and Sara moved to England for three years. Upon their return in 1995, Pierre stepped right back into the office furniture business as a representative for an office furniture line. In 2006, Pierre opened the Office Furniture Outlet of Atlanta, which has been thriving ever since.

Pierre & Sara live in Norcross with their two Weimaraners, Winston & Sophie. Possessed of strong work ethics, Winston and Sophie can be found at the office with Pierre almost every day.

Pierre is actively involved in local politics, and spends his free time taking long strolls with Sara & the pups, watching Formula 1 racing, reading, and sharing meals with friends.